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Federal Criminal Defense


Attorney Cogdell is a former prosecutor in Mecklenburg County and a former law clerk with the United States Attorney’s Office (Criminal Division) for the Eastern District of North Carolina, With almost 25 years of experience practicing law, Attorney Cogdell is a seasoned criminal defense attorney that consistently seeks to favorably influence the outcome of the legal challenge you or your organization faces.

Harold has successfully defended clients in state and federal jury trials. Through hard work, understanding the application of the law to a client’s unique circumstances, the experience of knowing how law enforcement, prosecutors and judges think, and thoughtful and persuasive advocacy, Harold has secured impressive victories for individuals and corporate clients alike.

Harold understands and appreciates how critically important maintaining integrity and strengthen mutually respectful relationships with judicial officials, prosecutors and other members of the bar can be to assisting clients obtain desired results. An in depth understanding of criminal law and procedural processes can be the difference in the outcome of any case. Attorney Cogdell is licensed to practice and represented clients in the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina and before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Attorney Cogdell has also practiced in federal courts in Georgia and Kansas. Attorney Cogdell has extensive experience representing clients under investigation by federal authorities and represented clients in federal court facing a variety of White-Collar fraud offenses, Tax Evasion and weapon and drug related offenses.

It is advisable to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney upon realizing that you or your organization may be the subject or target of an investigation by state or federal authorities. If you, a business partner, or associate has received a target from the Unites States Attorney’s Office contact us immediately. In many instances, Attorney Cogdell has been able to assist governmental officials to quickly sift through unfounded allegations; aid law enforcement officials in developing a more accurate understanding of the facts and bring closure to investigations before formal charges are brought that causes irreparable harm to a client’s reputation. Attorney Cogdell will never take your reputation, freedom, or future lightly.


United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina

U.S. Probation Office for the Western District of North Carolina

United States Sentencing Commission

Attorney Cogdell routinely handles matters under investigation by federal law enforcement officials and in federal District Courts involving:

• Bank Fraud (Mortgage, Automobile, Equipment and other collateralized loans)
• Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud and Money Laundering
• Medicaid & Medicare Fraud (Healthcare Provider Professionals)
• Tax Evasion/Document Preparation Investigations (C.P.A. and Tax Preparers)
• Governmental Benefit Fraud (PPP and other Economic Stimulus Benefits)
• Telecommunication Theft (Engineers and Programmers)
• Drug Conspiracy & Possession with Intent to Distribute Offenses
• Weapons & Possession of Firearms by Felon Offenses
• Human Trafficking, Unlawful Re-Entry, and other Immigration Offenses
• Manufacture/Possession of Counterfeit Currency
• Identity Theft & Social Security Fraud
• Pre-Trial and Post-Release Supervision (Probation) Violations